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The second assigned task in the course was to create a blog.  See the About this blog.. link. Essentially a blog is an open forum for discussion on any topic the blogger posts on. The initial requirement, of course, is that the blogger has some topic they want to write about or say and think it’s important enough for at least a few people, to want to read about it, and that it hasn’t already been written about extensively. I think the key here is a narrow purpose, or focus. The focus of this blog is to record and report my own thoughts and learnings about Social Media, Web 2.0, and – maybe – the use of technology in general.

“There are dozens of blogs with an audience of hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of blogs with an audience of a dozen.” We’re in that latter category here. 😉 And if you know who said that first, let me know so I can give credit.

A blog can be of use to an organization by extending and exposing thier corporate culture or ideas and inviting open discussion about their products or services.  It can be a valuable resource for staying in touch with their customers. It will be almost guarenteed at least a small audience of existing customers and start with a nice narrow focus which is probably almost unique.

A blog can also be used as a virtual classroom. The instructor/teacher posts and then leads or promotes the resulting discussion. Although this is more typically done within the structure of a discussion forum application which has more extensive features to control and manage student access. Some discussion forums even have ‘blog’ areas within them.


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