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In the final class for the course some of the risks of Social Media were demonstrated.  While all the tools demonstrated had features allowing the user to control access, and publication, the defaults are often quite open. We have all been wary of e-mail scams and worrying about what our children are seeing online, but have generally considered the very nature of the Web as cloaking ones geographical location. 

A whole new view of the world is being generated by the ubiquitousness of digital still and video cameras and photo sharing on the web. Add a cell phone with GPS and  a visual record of where you’ve been, and when, can be generated almost unintentionally. If you’re uploading pictures with this information attached, a revealing map can be drawn. If you upload the images to Facebook people in them can get tagged, and thus tracked and associated with other people in those pictures.  Add Twitter and text messaging to the mix gives a whole new meaning to the term “Public life”.

For organizations it is important to state the policies up front and stick to them. If you tell your customers their e-mail addresses will not be shared or sold that had better not happen. If you tell clients that your client area forums are private, and invite or encourage a more confidential type of conversation, also be sure to state that you cannot necessarily control the actions of your other clients that may see the information.  The Web never forgets and the Web never forgives.


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