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After struggling with iPhoto on a Mac I tried out Picassa (on my PC) and instantly loved it.  Apple’s lovely application may be just what you need, however, I believe it makes a very classic and basic software/interface design error. It emulates what your doing already. Images are identified by ‘roll’ – as in rolls of film?  huh?  It forced me to identify the entire set of images on the camera as somehow associated when, typically, they are not.  Picassa sorts and organizes photos into a hierarchical folders just like you are doing with everything else on your computer.  The integration with online storage and publication of the pictures is better and its free.

Its not news that digital photography has come of age. It has altered the nature of picture taking even as the internet has altered picture viewing.  The technology changes the way we do things and, also,  allows us to change the things we do. I think iPhoto, in error or by design, has failed to recognise this. Picassa recognizes that there is a whole new requirement and is attempting to fit that need.


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