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This blog is started as a sort of assignment for a course on social media.  The initial few posts will be thoughts,  learnings, and summarizations from the course.   I’ve always thought it very presumtious to think that an audience for ones writing will simply appear and if it does what does it mean in the world anyway.  One comment was that “.. the hubris … is remarkable”. Hence the ironic title of this blog.

The purpose and value of a blog to an organization is as a chanel to communicate and relate to it’s clients or customers. A blog and especially an organization’s blog is all about the comments.  Feedback!  That’s the point. Otherwise it’s just a personal journal and not a blog at all.  Since there is no control of the feedback  it can well be imaginged that a blog could reach beyond the intended audience and have unintended results. A mixed, if unlikely, blessing.


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